Who Shot Ya?

This week, we all agree to never give up, never surrender, and always watch Galaxy Quest! Plus, we get caught up with all of the Hollywood happenings and recite all of the Star Trek movies.

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Happy MaxFunWeek! Ricky is joined by two hilarious guest panelists, Marcella Arguello and Sarah Morisano to review the 2012, Brad Pitt-packed crime film, Killing Them Softly. Plus, in honor of MaxFunWeek, we are joined by Dan McCoy! Dan is a writer for The Daily Show and host of our sister podcast, The Flop House, and he shares a seasonally appropriate movie that made him.

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This week, the band is back together once again to review the shoestring budget, sci-fi flick The Machine; Rhea looks back at a movie that made her; and Cameron admits she doesn't get David Lynch (there's a pretty reasonable explanation for that).

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