Who Shot Ya?

This week, we have a discussion about violence in movies -- how do current events affect our consumption and enjoyment of action flicks? Plus, we put on our thinking caps and dive into Shane Carruth's sci-fi stumper Upstream Color. What IS this movie ABOUT?

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This week, we take a look at a summer blockbuster we've all been anxiously scanning the sky for: Man of Steel! Plus, Ricky returns and faces off against Rhea in a competitive Pitch It! Conflict!

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This week, Rhea drops some little known Superman facts on us to help us prepare for Man of Steel, we take a look at the richly premised, gun kata extravaganza Equilibrium, and we miss Ricky (he'll be back next week!).

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We're back this week with a look at one of the most anticipated flicks of the year, Star Trek Into Darkness. Plus, Ricky leads a discussion about spoilers, and we decide how we feel about them.

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