Who Shot Ya?

This week, Rhea returns, Ricky tells us What's Poppin', and we chat about the 2013 action thriller/Jason Statham vehicle, Homefront!

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This week, Sweet Beth Stelling returns to the panel, and Brandie Posey joins us for the first time to discuss Blue Ruin, the 2013 Kickstarter thriller. Plus, we dive into the mailbag for a Wham Bam Power to the People!

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This week, Ricky is joined by comedians Beth Stelling and James Fritz to discuss the 1978 iteration of the sci-fi classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers! Plus, the three chat about the films they're looking forward to, and everyone tries to get to the bottom of Beth's true feelings about Ben Affleck.

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This week, Ricky helms the show and is joined by guest panelist and comedian Matt Braunger. They chat about this summer's movie offerings and review the samurai epic, 13 Assassins. 

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This week, we chat about the blurring of lines between big and small screens, plus we serve up a review of the 1989 sci-fi family film, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. RIP, Antie.

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This week, we try to come up with a Sharknado cash in, and we chat about the Australian dystopian flick that could be credited with (or blamed for) launching Mel Gibson's career, Mad Max.

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This week, Cameron's back, and we chat about Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, news of a possible Star Wars theme park inspires a pitch it, and we added a herald to the team. Welcome, Anthony!

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This week, Rhea and Ricky deconstruct Lucy -- apparently the larger the percentage of your brain you use, the less interesting you become as a character! Plus the hilarious and charming Nathan Rabin of The Dissolve stops by to share the Movie That Made Him, and Rhea and Ricky go head to head regarding the possibility of a Ghostbusters III.

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This week Eliza Skinner, one of our very favorite stand-up comedians, joins us as a guest panelist! We talk Wonder Woman news, Eliza shares the movie that made her, and we delve into Snowpiercer. Hope you like perpetually moving trains!

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This week, Rhea and Ricky take a look at Nicolas Cage’s send up to Taken, Stolen. Are you pro-Cage or con-Cage? Plus, Jake Fogelnest shares the Movie That Made Him and discusses the incident that ignited his fear of signal hijacking.

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