Who Shot Ya?

Wondering what to watch during your Fourth of July holiday? We've got you covered with plenty of great movie picks. Plus, we roll up our sleeves and brace ourselves for the Sly Stallone arm wrestling picture Over the Top.

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This week, we have a discussion about violence in movies -- how do current events affect our consumption and enjoyment of action flicks? Plus, we put on our thinking caps and dive into Shane Carruth's sci-fi stumper Upstream Color. What IS this movie ABOUT?

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This week, we take a look at a summer blockbuster we've all been anxiously scanning the sky for: Man of Steel! Plus, Ricky returns and faces off against Rhea in a competitive Pitch It! Conflict!

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This week, Rhea drops some little known Superman facts on us to help us prepare for Man of Steel, we take a look at the richly premised, gun kata extravaganza Equilibrium, and we miss Ricky (he'll be back next week!).

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We're back this week with a look at one of the most anticipated flicks of the year, Star Trek Into Darkness. Plus, Ricky leads a discussion about spoilers, and we decide how we feel about them.

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You wanted to hear our thoughts on Highlander and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, so we dug into some early recordings to deliver. Who wants to live forever?!

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This week, Rhea and Ricky face off in a competitive Pitch It, and only one walks away with a wheelbarrow full of imaginary money! Plus, Cameron shares the movie that made her, and we take a look at the 1995 buddy cop flick Bad Boys. Whatcha gonna do?

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This week, we examine J.J. Abrams's affinity for lens flares, Rhea dishes about the movie that made her, and we dive into the exploits of the space traveling, sexual dynamo Barbarella. 

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This week, Rhea brings an article showcasing the techniques that made Shane Black's screenplays awesome and Black himself a cut above the rest. Plus, Ricky shares the movie that made him, and we give a review of the action blockbuster Iron Man 3.

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This week, we take a look at some action and sci-fi classics which were also nightmares for the cast and crew, Cameron invites us to consider The Sixth Element, and we offer up a review of Oblivion.

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